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P2422-48 51.2V 22Ah Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery

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P2422-48 51.2V 22Ah Lithium Ion Golf cart battery

  • Drop in replacement for GC2 golf cart batteries
  • 51.2V
  • 22Ah (1,152 Whr)
  • 50 Reserve Minutes
  • BCI Group 24 size (10.25" L x 6.61" W x 8.24" T)
  • Only 23 lbs!

P2422-48 51.2V 22Ah Lithium Ion Battery is the upgrade your golf cart needs.  Stop adding water to 8V lead acid batteries.  Drop in these 48V batteries and reconfigure the cables for parallel connection. (Do not connect in series as the 8V batteries are.)  Two batteries minimum are required for operation but up to four can be run in parallel. Each battery delivers six miles of range.

The PowerPro series

The PowerPro ("P") series of batteries is made for demanding loads like electric motors and other high power applications that can benefit from fast recharge, superior charge efficiency, weight reduction, and cycle lives beyond 3,000 cycles. Built with Lithium Iron Phosphate cells tested to the UL1642 standard, the P series of batteries is recommended for inductive motor loads such as trolling motors, electric motors, motive power, and other forms of energy storage.

The P series of 51.2V lithium ion batteries feature an internal battery management system designed to auto balance the cells and protect for over temperature, over voltage, under voltage, over current and short circuit conditions. 

51.2V LiFePO4 compatible charger is required.