Our Mission

Lithium Pros is a group of energy enthusiasts who are focused on bringing the highest performance, ultra lightweight lithium-ion batteries to the racing, marine, LSEV, fleet, and specialty markets. Our team is made of up drag racing, motorcycle, and off-road competitors as well as some talented engineers, chemists, and machinists. We are constantly looking for ways to make batteries lighter, more powerful, and more durable. Our mission statement is, “Through constant innovation, create high power lithium-ion battery packs that are safe, easy to install, and use for all types of high current applications.” 

Our history

Lithium Pros was established in March 2011. However, in a sense, we are not new to racing batteries and rotating electrical. The management team here has been involved with racing and rotating electrical for over 25 years, developing Powermaster Performance™ from its inception as well as XS Power™.  That background always give us context for our high performance batteries.  We understand rotating electrical.  We understand engine start and all the complex forces at play.  Making a lithium-ion battery for a stationary storage is one thing.  Making a lithium-ion battery that can handle all that an engine starter and alternator can throw at it takes it to a new level.  That experience is built in to every Lithium Pros product.


Lithium-ion batteries are the battery of the future but they have limitations. Building a lithium-ion battery is one thing. Building a safe lithium-ion battery that will attain its laboratory life expectancy of 10+ years is another and requires a great deal of technical knowledge. 

Our focus is on building lithium-ion batteries specifically to replace lead acid batteries in several demanding applications. Our mission statement is, “Through constant innovation, create high power lithium-ion battery packs that are safe, easy to install, and use for all types of high current applications.” 

From the beginning we have had a technological edge over our competitors because of our strong commitment to product testing. As has been said in NASCAR, “all the BS stops at the dyno.” The same is true for high performance batteries.

We have an in-house testing lab, we employ the services of outside accredited labs, as well as outside experts to insure we bring you the best. When we put a label on a product you can count on it. When we put a warranty on a product, we have years of experience in backing it up.


Lithium Pros has already been the battery of choice for many forms of racing and continues to add winners every weekend. Be 

assured that what is learned in the harsh environment of the track makes its way into everything we do.


Do you have a custom or unique application and you don’t see a part number for it? Call us and we may be able to custom manufacture a lithium battery pack for you right here in East Tennessee.

For these reasons our products have found their way into the winner’s circle at sanctioning bodies around the world. If you’re serious about the performance of your vehicle, if you are serious about the performance of your battery, you need Lithium Pros. “The one battery you need!”™