1011 12V 17A Lithium Ion Battery Charger - Lithium Pros

1011 12V 17A Lithium Ion Battery Charger

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  • For use with LiFePO4 chemistry
  • 14.6V output at 17A 
  • With LCD display
  • Fully automatic
  • Dry location use only

This 1011 14.6V 17A Lithium Ion Battery Charger is perfect for Lithium Pros 12.8V Lithium Iron Phosphate Marine batteries. Its high-frequency technology offers reliable output voltage to ensure a longer battery life. It weighs 3 lbs, features an LCD display, and comes with alligator clips and USA power cords. It is also fully automatic, fan cooled, and has two LED indicators to show charging status. Plus, its universal voltage of 110VAC~240VAC @ 50~60Hz makes it suitable for a range of applications. What's more, it has a 6.3A 5mm x 20mm fuse to ensure safety.