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M32215-S 12V 215Ah Marine Starting Battery

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M32215-S 12.8V 215Ah Lithium Ion Engine start Battery

  • This battery meets the Sept 19, 2022 Mercury specifications for a lithium-ion engine start battery.
  • Compatible with all outboards and alternators
  • Replace three group 31 AGM batteries with this ONE battery!
  • 12.8V
  • 215Ah (2,750 Whr)
  • 510 Reserve Minutes 
  • BCI Group GC12 size, (12.88″L x 7.13″ W x 10.50″ T)
  • 46.4 lbs

M32215-S 12V 215Ah Marine Starting Battery - The M32215-S is a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery for the pro angler who needs ONE battery to start and power multiple graphs too.  This is comparable energy to three Group 31 AGM batteries. (12.88" L x 7.13" W x 10.50" T)

Storing energy in a Lithium Ion battery is one thing.  Starting an engine and charging from an alternator is quite another.  Engine start is our forté and we start some of the fastest vehicles on Earth.  How?  It features one of the most advanced internal battery management systems in the marine industry today. 

This fully integrated digital battery management system insures long life and trouble free service, all safely sealed inside a lightweight box.  This battery features 1,400 Marine Crank Amps (Eq) and will have no trouble starting most conventional outboard engines on the market today.  It can safely be used with any outboard charging system including Honda, Suzuki, all Mercury and all Yamaha.

This 12V 215Ah Marine Starting Battery has a whopping 510 minutes of reserve capacity. This is the battery of choice for boats with multiple 12" or 16" graphs and/or forward facing sonar capabilities for pro anglers.

Having trouble with graphs resetting during an engine crank or low voltage warnings?  The high power Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry used in this battery holds a higher voltage during discharge, eliminating this "reset" issue.  Avoid going to two or three 12V lead acid batteries when moving to 16" graphs or forward facing sonar by choosing Lithium Pros!

Charging is simple because your existing 12V AGM battery compatible charger will work fine.*

In spite of all the power contained in this battery, it still ultra lightweight at an amazing 46.4 pounds! That's 1/5 of the weight of three Group 31 AGM batteries.

NOTE:  Not for use in series to make higher voltage packs.  12V systems ONLY.

*Insure the charger’s float voltage is 13.5V or less and the charger never exceeds 14.8V.  Do not “de-sulfate” any lithium ion battery.