Lithium Pros batteries are very different in characteristics compared to lead acid batteries. They accept energy differently. They do not sulfate when stored at less than 100% State of Charge.  They also have a much lower rate of self discharge, typically less than 2% per month. 

Lithium Pros batteries can be stored at any SoC from 20%~100%. For the longest life, Lithium Pros batteries should be stored in a cool environment at 50% SoC. Long term storage and charging above 115⁰F should be avoided if possible. 

In general disconnect at least one side of the Lithium Pros battery for long term (more than 3 months) storage. Winter storage does not require boost charging. Simply disconnect in the fall and reconnect in the spring.

Some 12V models of Lithium Pros' batteries, esp. those for engine start, may have a sleep mode. Why? The internal battery management system consumes a small amount of energy continuously and that energy is coming from the battery pack. To allow for long term storage in these cases, a sleep mode is triggered when there is no activity for 30 days or more.  Use a battery charger to re-activate the battery.

In general float charging Lithium Pros batteries is not recommended.  However in some instances where parasitic loads are present in the 12V system, float charging is allowed and a great way to power those small loads. A low amperage (less than 1A) battery maintainer set at 13.6VDC or less may be used in this case. In contrast, trickle chargers and other chargers with output voltages above those shown here are NOT recommended and may over stress the battery.

See the relevant SDS sheet and our FAQs for more handling information.