N3250-48D 51.2V 50Ah Lithium Ion Trolling Battery with NMEA 2000 - Lithium Pros

N3250-48D 51.2V 50Ah Lithium Ion Trolling Battery with NMEA 2000

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N3250-48D 51.2V 50Ah Lithium Ion Trolling Battery

  • Replace four group 27 AGM batteries with this ONE battery!
  • NMEA 2000 connectivity
  • 51.2V
  • 50Ah (2,560 Whr)
  • 120 Reserve Minutes 
  • BCI Group GC12 size, (12.88″L x 7.13″ W x 10.50″ T)
  • 46.0 lbs

The N3250-48D is an advanced lithium ion battery made for 48V marine electric motors like the Elco EP-9.9, EP-14, EP-20 and others. It includes the embedded BM-21 battery monitor.  The result is a 46 lb Lithium Pros 51.2V 50Ah Lithium Ion Battery that is a perfect fit for electric only boating.  It is also the world's first series of lithium-ion batteries to be NMEA 2000 certified.

When you demand in the ultimate in equipment for your boat with the highest level of communication, the N series with NMEA 2000 connectivity is for you.  The N3250-48D is perfect for demanding freshwater tournament anglers using 48V electric outboards on restricted lakes and reservoirs. 

There is no comparison to lead acid batteries when it comes to performance in a electric jonboat or other boats made for electric boating.  It only 1/5 of the weight of the batteries it replaces!  A lighter boat is faster and more fuel efficient and can get into more places.  Catch fish where your competitors can’t.

BM-21 Embedded Battery Monitor

The BM-21 Embedded battery monitor is NMEA 2000 certified and features a micro port on the battery.  It is directly addressable on the NMEA 2000 network and it is “plug and play” with all NMEA 2000 multi-function displays. The BM-21 reports all required PGNs as well as the three standard battery related PGNs:  127506, 127508, 127513, as well as alert PGN 126983. Simply select the individual battery from the NMEA 2000 device list and configure it.**

This puts the individual battery voltage, current, time remaining, state of charge, and temperature all on the network. In addition, the BM-21 also records warnings and alerts events with a real time/date stamp.  Also, cumulative lifetime amp-hours are recorded.  This information is available on the optional OLED display.  (N series batteries with a "D" part number suffix include this display. The N3250-48D includes the OLED display.) 

"The ONE Battery you need"

This battery features 120 reserve minutes, or enough power for extended trolling in one area from daylight to dark.^ Up to four of these can be connected in parallel for increased capacity.  We recommend a minimum of two in parallel.  Series connection for increased voltage is prohibited.  (Not for systems over 51.2V.)

Installation is a snap and you are ready to go with a Lithium Pros battery that is “strong all day long.”

NOTE:  A 51.2V LiFePO4 compatible battery charger is required.

*Group 27 marine battery assumed to be 150RC and 50 lbs.

** Check the MFD's documentation to insure it recognizes at least PGNs 127506 and 127508 for minimum compatibility.

^Assumes 50% setting on a Minn Kota motor and 50% duty cycle (usage) on the motor. Higher settings or a higher duty cycle (more usage, such as in wind or water current) will reduce this time.